Woman at the well (John 4) | Craft 3


When I think of the woman at the well my mind is drawn to water, and with water I think of marbling and watercolours, the beautiful mixture of shades and hues. Choosing a craft that used water seemed logical.

This is a sort of cheats marbling craft, you don’t get to swirl the colours with toothpicks but you do get the beautiful watercolour blending technique. It’s easy to do this craft individually too, so no waiting turns for a tray of water. I used the result to make a water bottle cover that ironically states ‘Not living water’.


To make these bottle covers you will need card, paper, or fabric for printing onto, water, inks, baby-wipes, a pipette, a sponge and to make the bottle cover, some tape, some letter stamps and a bottle of water.

Start by laying out your materials and placing one baby wipe onto your work surface – I use a large piece of foam to work on but this is not necessary, but you will want a surface that can cope with the bleed through.


To add the colours use a pipette and drop small amounts of ink onto your baby-wipe. Add around the same number of drops of water to ink. Work slowly and let the colours spread.

I used three colours of ink, it’s best to clean the pipette or use a different pipette when going from light to dark inks.


Once you are happy with your design leave it for a few seconds so the ink can spread as far as it’s going to go.


Prepare the card you will be printing onto and gently lift your design. You will see a lot of colour has bled through.


Gently position your baby-wipe into it’s printing position and then using a sponge press down over the whole design to print.

The print will also blur your colours further, the better you press down and the longer you make contact with the paper the brighter the print will be. You can always re-position and print again.


When you are happy with your print it may be floppy and wet and need a moment to dry, the thinner the paper the more likely it will rip right now. In the images it looks dull in comparison to the deep inks but it’s not.


Add your design onto your paper, cut it into a rectangle and tape it round the bottle. (If you are using fabric try glue or make holes to lace it closed.) I stamped these letter while the paper was still wet so they would bleed a little.


The kids get to take home a bottle of water as a conversation starter. I managed to make bottle 2 covers from one baby-wipe print. The spare was made into a bookmark, alternatively children could work in pairs.




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