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Witnesses to the crucifixion | Story

Witnesses to the crucifixion | StoryIf you want the story cards then please click on the image for the pdf in colour or HERE for the pdf in black and white

Today’s heroes are Salome, the beloved disciple and the centurion.

Essential Teachers notes:
Today’s story comes with an option on how to deliver.
Start by gathering the children in a circle and putting as large a cross as you can find in the middle. Explain that today we are going to talk about what happened when Jesus was on the cross. It’s a sad part of Jesus’s story but we know that it’s not the end of Jesus’s story. The witnesses to the event did not know this though!

1. Split the large group into 3 small groups and give each group one of the accounts. Gather and share after 10 minutes of group discussion.
2. As a whole group use three actors to read the three accounts.
3. With older children hand out one of the story cards and have the children read them individually. Give them a moment to be quiet before discussing as a large group. Repeat process with the next character.

Main Passage : Matthew 27, Luke 23, John 19, Mark 15.
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Witnesses to the crucifixion | Craft 2


I spinning crafts for both Nicodemus and the woman at the well are rather popular choices so with a little nudge from a friendly comment I made up a version for the witnesses to the Crucifixion story. It depicts the Easter scene.

It’s three scenes have no words. It shows the city, Golgotha, and the garden. When it comes to characters I’ve included the three from the witnesses to the Crucifixion lesson as well as lots of extra’s. Where you place the characters and which you choose to use is totally dependant on how you are telling the story and which gospel is your base.
Witnesses to the crucifixion | Craft 2

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Witnesses to the crucifixion | Character Images


Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to witnesses to the crucifixion.

Each hero’s page set contains a high quality graphic of the character, a take home bible card and a colouring page.

The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.
(Please note : these images have no watermark but are not copyright free, they are only intended for classroom use.)










Witnesses to the crucifixion | Worksheet

Witnesses to the crucifixion
This worksheet is an activity connected to the Witnesses to the crucifixion lesson. The first part examines how the emotions of the witnesses may have been different. The second part gets the children to examine the end of the story for the three witnesses. if you are doing this lesson in parts then get the child only to complete the activity for the character they have been examining.
There is also a puzzle in the background and the words ‘Jesus lives’ to be completed.

The PDF can be downloaded by clicking on the images.

Witnesses to the crucifixion | Craft

32-M-00The central image to the witnesses to the crucifixion lesson (in large below) is really quite simple to recreate. I’ve made the mural image here from paper and fabric scraps. It could be made individually on a piece of printer paper or it could be made onto a noticeboard or wall in your teaching room, onto the floor of your hall or grass outside the church.

The pdf includes images for the three heroes in colour and as outlines (image below linked). I’ve not added a message to mine but the speech bubbles and the headings are included in the PDF file. If you would like individual images of the characters then please click on their names below the image.

Centurion, Beloved, Salome, Mother Mary, Mary

You need to create a dark background because the sky went dark, a space for the women to watch which isn’t too near,an earthy colour or green and a space for the soldiers, probably dry earth. You can use any medium you wish for this, eg: paper, sandpaper, fabric, grass, dirt, sand… etc.
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Witnesses to the crucifixion | Games


Rather than 3 play posts for the Witnesses to the crucifixion lesson the games are listed here – if you want more games connected with Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter then click here for the last Easter theme lesson. This lesson has 3 heroes, (the soldier, Salome, and the disciple Jesus loved) ideally you would choose one or split your group into 3 and each cover a different hero. I’ve tried to include games than link with all three

Witnesses to the crucifixion | GamesWitnesses to the crucifixion | GamesWitnesses to the crucifixion | GamesWitnesses to the crucifixion | GamesWitnesses to the crucifixion | GamesWitnesses to the crucifixion | Games

Obstacle race – It’s been a while since I fell back onto this traditional game, but the journey to the cross through the streets of Jerusalem, or getting through the crowds to see Jesus, can easily link in.

Witnesses to the crucifixion | GamesWitnesses to the crucifixion | GamesWitnesses to the crucifixion | GamesWitnesses to the crucifixion | GamesWitnesses to the crucifixion | Games

Shadow charades – set up a sheet or screen and a bright light to play charades. this version allows letters to be made to spell out words and ties into the idea of standing in the shadow of the cross.
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