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Bartimaeus (Mark 10) | Full Lesson

Bartimaeus (Mark 10)




Blind Bartimaeus, hears the stories, shouts loudly, leaves his most precious possession and receives his sight. It’s a beautiful story with a lot of clear applicable elements to explore.

Magi (Matthew 2) | Full Lesson

The Magi(John 12)




The Magi, the wise man, the three kings, whatever name we give to the intrepid travelers they acted out of faith, followed a crazy hunch and hoped to see something that would change the world.

Apostle Philip (John 12) | Full Lesson

Apostle Philip (John 12)




The Apostle Philip is a small lesson without a worksheet, but a great lesson on Evangelism, which is called ‘invitation’ to use a more familiar word for the children. There is a lot of scope for adapting this lesson for special church seasons such as a guest week or a church recruitment drive.

James and John (Mark 10) | Full Lesson

James and John (Mark 10)




The Apostles James and John, or the Sons of Thunder, are wonderfully brash and full of life, this lessons story covers a few passages but most of the lesson concentrates of Jesus teaching them about greatness and servant-hood. It also contains one of my households all time favorite crafts (no.2)!

Thomas (John 20) | Full Lesson

Thomas (John 20)




The Apostle Thomas is synonymous with doubt, but this lesson focuses rather on his declarations of faith. It looks at 3 passages in Johns gospel to discover the character beyond the event.

Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21) | Full Lesson

Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21)




Hagar and Ishmael complete the Abram series with this small lesson. While bit characters in many way their story shows both consequences and God’s unfailing dedication to protect and guide his people.

Andrew (Matthew 4) | Full Lesson

Andrew (Matthew 4)




The Apostle Andrew is a fantastic character that is often reduced to nothing more than a fisher of men, but he holds a great opportunity to explore Discipleship and how the simple words ‘follow me’ were such an astounding invitation.

Sarah and Abraham (Genesis 17) | Full Lesson

Sarah and Abraham (Genesis 17)




Sarah and Abraham are made a great promise, a promise that they have to wait for, a promise that forms one of many covenants God makes with his people. This lesson concentrates on stars and Sarah rather than Abraham and circumcision.

Nathanael (John 1) | Full Lesson

Nathanael (John 1)




Nathanael Bartholomew is the honest disciple (in whom there is no guile). This a lesson with many spin off ideas, from pray and invitations, to identity and witness. It’s the third apostle lesson to appear onsite.

Lot (Genesis 13) | Full Lesson

Lot (Genesis 13)




Lot is given no promise, and yet his story, as it is recalled through the chapters of Genesis, show that God’s care is extended to him as part of Abram’s family. With an emphasis on his life after he leaves Abram, (and including the first computer game,) this second part of the Abram Saga continues the remarkable story of how God’s chosen people began.

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