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Magi (Matthew 2) | Full Lesson

The Magi(John 12)




The Magi, the wise man, the three kings, whatever name we give to the intrepid travelers they acted out of faith, followed a crazy hunch and hoped to see something that would change the world.


pack title
1 big file with everything you need for 4 lessons
Start at conception with a lesson on Elizabeth and Mary, then Joseph takes us through to the end of the pregnancy and off to Bethlehem. Once there the lesson on the shepherds welcomes the tiny baby into the world while the lesson on Anna formally announces his arrival to the people of God.

Including teachers single page lesson guide.


Christmas Extra's | Full Lesson

Christmas Extra’s




When updating the Christmas lessons these bits were created that don’t really fit in any one lesson. They are also not included in the mega pack.

Joseph & Mary (Matthew 1) | Full Lesson

Joseph & Mary (Matthew 1)




This lesson is all about Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, the husband of Mary and the dreamer of dreams. As part of the Christmas set it explores the weight of responsibility Joseph was given to be the human father figure to the boy who would become the man who saves us all. It’s sister lesson on Mary and Elizabeth explores motherhood.

Witnesses to the crucifixion | Full Lesson

Witnesses to the crucifixion )




The witnesses to the crucifixion is a lesson on the events of Good Friday seem through 3 pairs of eyes. It’s a Reflective lesson and can be used alongside the other 2 Easter sets available onsite.

NB: There is no guide post for this lesson & the hero’s page has 3 heroes.

Holy Week | Full Lesson

Holy Week



The Holy Week series takes you though Monday till Friday with a review post. The review post can be reached by clicking on the plain foot. these 5 simple activities are easy to resource and simple to do, either grouped or individually.

The Shepherd (Luke 2) | Full Lesson

The Shepherd (Luke 2)



The Shepherd, is probably one of the most well known support characters to the Christmas story, and yet we know so little about him or his companions. Yet these men, probably considered rather ‘unclean’ and not the picture of a devote jew, are the people who witness heavens own birth announcement. The lesson plays on the idea that the angels filled the air singing, and that tune should have stayed with them for the rest of their lives.


Elizabeth & Mary (Luke 1) | Full Lesson

Elizabeth & Mary (Luke 1)


Elizabeth and Mary are the two women who start off the gospel story, their pregnancies which overlap by at least 3 months hold the promise of the new messiah coming into the world. This lesson combines the stories, especially for those teachers who have limited time to spend on the Christmas teaching. The lesson is quite reflective.


Anna (Luke 2) | Full Lesson

Anna (Luke 2)



Anna is part of the ‘friends of Jesus’ series, she recognises Jesus when he is only a six week old babe and professes him to be a redeemer. Anna’s story is but a few sentences in Luke’s gospel but her heritage as part of the lost people of Israel, her many years of waiting, and her faith in the prophecy she had received, make her a powerful witness to the young. We explore the use of Prayer labyrinths in this lesson.



Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter



No characters with this one but some resources to supply the churches with one session, and adapt for those with multiple sessions, over this special weekend. Please note: this craft uses eggs, please check for allergies before choosing to use this make post.


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