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Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 2


For those people more specifically trying to cover Genesis 13 and not the whole story of Lot this second part of the Abram craft may be more appealing.

Join it onto the Abram character as shown here or simply make the Lot character on his own.
Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 2


Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 2 Lot is very like his Uncle Abram, and to make a twisted arm Lot uses the exact same process.

The Lot character PDF printout
The Abram character with step by step instructions


Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 2 There is an extra page on the Lot character PDF full of sheep. While the herds of animals probably included many more creatures, for our purposes we will stick with sheep. These sheep have 2 parts to make them stand.

Tip Don’t cut round the wool exactly, curve it to a circle, it saves a huge amount of time and still looks fine.


Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 2 To make your sheep stand up, fold the dotted line of the back piece to form a glue tab. Line up the legs and glue into position.

(This is a test one, the template ones are straight!)


Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 2

If you want to go the whole way then you can download the backdrop. This is a large image file I’ve printed on 2 pages and glued together.

Whole picture | Left half | Right half.



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