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Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 1


The idea of protection is something with many parallels and symbols, this craft uses the very simple umbrella shape, a protective object that will be familiar to almost every child. Scripture reveals no promise to Lot himself, and yet God repetitively protects him. Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 1


Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 1 To make this umbrella you’ll need a PDF printout per child, some sticky tape or some glue, a skewer and some sticky tack. The Printout has 2 pages, the first in colour and the second is without colour for the children to colour in.

If you have older children you can make them half the size and use craft sticks rather than skewers.


Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 1 The solid lines are for cutting and the dashed lines are folded. Cut around the outside of the shape, removing the empty section and cutting the small edge slits. If you have very young children you can ignore the edge slits and just make a cone shape umbrella.


Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 1 Once your shape is folded you need to form the come. It is slightly easier to do this before you form the edge. Glue or tape the large tab in place taking care to glue or tape right to the edge of the cut slit. If it is wet leave to dry for a moment before starting the next step.


Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 1 To form the edge, overlap the two parts either side of a cut until the edges of the umbrella are almost flush. Glue or use sticky tape to secure in position.


Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 1 Continue round the outside of the circle forming the umbrella’s edge. You’ll see the canopy shape and the scalloped edges forming.

TipIf your children are struggling with glue then switch to sticky tape, it’s much easier!


Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 1 Once your umbrella canopy is formed take a skewer and put a little piece of sticky tack on the pointy end. Gently push the sticky tack down a few millimetres and thread through the top of the umbrella. This gives the paper something to rest on.

Cover the top of the skewer with a bit more sticky tack and your craft is complete. If you have extra time you could make a handle with some spare sticky tack or some Plasticine!

Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 1 Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 1 Lot (Genesis 13) | Craft 1



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  1. i really would love to have the umbrella template for my 5th graders tomorrow but can’t get it to download….please help!!

  2. I’d love to use the Lot umbrella craft for our church this week, however, I went throughout the process to donate but for some reason am unable because I live in the US and need to submit a county which is required for other countries but not for US. Please help asap!

  3. I’m very interested in this craft, but the link to the PDF is wrong. Can you send me the correct PDF for this activity?

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