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Lot (Genesis 13) | Story

Lot (Genesis 13) | Story 
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Today’s hero is Lot, because he shows us the gift of God’s Protection

Essential Teachers notes:
While Abram is God’s chosen it’s important to see Abram, and all the people who are called to serve God, as part of a family. The decision Abram made to follow God’s call lead both him and the people he travelled with on a great adventure, and for their willingness to follow, God protected them.
While I allude to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah I don’t dwell on the story, nor do I dwell on the lie that Abram told the Pharaoh in Egypt. I also excluded the part about Lot’s wife being turned to Salt, though you may choose to include this if you wish at the end of the story.

Main Passage : Genesis 13
Additional Passages : Genesis 12, 14,18,19


Lot lived in Ur with his uncle Abram, he respected his uncle and followed his advice. Abram came and told Lot that he would leave Ur and travel south to a land God had promised him. Abram said that God would bless him with a child and his people would become a great nation. Abram was very old but Lot knew that Abram believed what God had told him. Would Lot join Abram for the journey or stay in Ur?

Abram lead them away from the town and into the dry desert land. Lot walked besides Abram, he didn’t know where they were going but he hoped God would protect Abram and keep his promise. When they reached their destination Lot thought it was beautiful. For some years they stayed there and it started to feel like home. But then one year a famine came. The cattle found no food to eat and little water to drink. Abram came and told Lot that he would leave the land and travel south to Egypt to find food. Would Lot join Abram for the journey or stay in his new home?

In Egypt there was lots of food. Abram and Lot became rich and bought lots more cattle. But then Abram had a problem with the Pharaoh because he had not told the truth about his wife. The Pharaoh told Abram that he could keep all his money and cattle but he must leave Egypt immediately. Abram came and told Lot that he would leave Egypt and travel north, back to the land God had given him. Would Lot join Abram for the journey or stay in Egypt?

When Abram and Lot got back to the promised land they found a huge problem. They had lots more cattle and there wasn’t enough space. The people who looked after Abram’s animals started to complain about the people who looked after Lot’s animals, and the people who looked after Lot’s animals started to complain about the people looking after Abram’s animals. Abram came to Lot with an idea, one would go to the east and the other the west. Would Lot stay with Abram or go out on his own?

It was strange not being with Abram but the land was green and Lot was happy. Lot found a wife and had 2 daughters. He camped hear a big city, though the people weren’t very nice there. Not long after he moved away from Abram the kings of the surrounding lands started to fight. Slowly the fighting grew and one day it came right to the place Lot lived. Lot and his family were taken as hostages. Lot had left Abram, did that mean God wouldn’t protect him any more?

Abram heard about Lot and set off to rescue him. Even though God had not called Lot, God knew that Lot was part of Abram’s family. Abram found Lot and with God’s help he rescued him. Lot decided to move into the city so he may be safer. But the city was not a safe place, as years passed the people became worse and worse, until they were so bad God decided he had to do something. God told Abram that the city would be destroyed. This time Abram couldn’t rescue Lot, would God?

Abram was very upset, he knew the city was bad but it was Lot’s home. He tried to argue with God, he tried to get God to change what would happen, but the people were so bad that he could not change God’s decision. God had not forgotten Lot, and sent some angels into the city to find Lot and his family. The angels helped Lot and his family escape just as the city was destroyed.

I wonder if you know anyone who like Abram was called to do a job for God? I wonder if you know anyone like Lot who went with their family because they trusted that God had spoken to someone they loved? I wonder if you know anyone who God protected when they were in Danger?

Today’s hero is Lot, because he shows us the gift of God’s Protection


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