Lot (Genesis 13) | Games


Abram, or Abraham, Lot’s uncle, usually dominates the story but for this lesson Lot comes forward and we see the great blessing he received through Abram. With battles and Angelic rescues there is lots to work with.

Angel rescue – This is an old classic is reworded for the story – Choose 2 people to be angels, 2-4 people to be lot and his family, and the rest of the children are the city. The children stand arms length apart and stretch out their arms to for ‘walls’. Place lot and family in the city and the angels outside, the aim is to get lot and his family out. Lot and family can only move when touching an angel, nobody can walk through or under walls. Walls can gently spin to reposition themselves every 3-5 seconds, or when the leader indicates.

Where is Lot – Lot is taken prisoner and Abram needs to find him before he can free him. Place a few more pictures of Lot in your teaching room. Give the children clues as to where he may be. They must use the clue to work out where he is. finding the ‘wrong’ picture of Lot does not count. eg. one could be in the middle of the table with the clue ‘the sun in the solar system’, another could be behind a curtain with the clue ‘discovered when the sun went down’.

Sheep separation – This is a noisy and silly game for a group. Choose 2 herdsmen, and assign them each a colour. Using chairs, or some sort of barriers, make sheep pens. Tell all the other children they must pretend to be sheep, on all fours. If someone comes and stands near them they must turn away from the person. when all the children are on all fours mark their backs with a coloured dot. The herdsmen then need to herd the sheep into the right pen.

Parachute Terrain – (also featured in Abram lesson) This is a really simple parachute game for the younger children. Have the youngsters gather round the edge of the parachute and think about the long journey Abram would have travelled. Use objects on the the flat parachute to illustrate. Then talk about the land he would have passed, flat land and hilly land. Have the children suggest what to use for hills, other balls, feet, or lifting the sides of the parachute. Continue from hills to mountains, from gentle breezes to story seas.

My choice for us – for this game you will need a large floor grid. To explain to the children bring a connect 4 game. Remind the children how the game works using the prop. play the game where each token in the game is replaced by a child. Don’t assign teams just call children at random alternating which team they would be playing for. Each child then makes the decision for themselves. To differentiate the teams have one put their hands on their heads or use coloured hats, paper circles or balloons. smaller groups can play nought’s and crosses (tick tack toe).





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