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Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 2

The Apostle Philip’s gift of invitation (or to use the technical word – Evangelism) is a lovely link to paper chain people. The Christian faith has always been passed from individual to individual as people have discovered the excitement of a relationship with Jesus and wanted to tell their friends all about it.

While you could take the idea and simply cover your room with traditional paper chain men, this craft has a more inclusive fixed circle and uses the hero image from the JWL lesson for Philip. If printing is an issue for your group this works well simply drawing round a circle and sketching your own character.
Apostle Philip


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 2 For this craft you will need scissors, some colouring pencils, and one page of the PDF printout
( or a blank sheet of paper and something to draw round. )


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 2 Cut out the circle.

If you are not using the printout do this by drawing round a large circular object like a plate.


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 2 Fold in half and then in half again and then once more – until you can only see the section with the hero on.

3 folds will make 8 characters, older children can experiment with more or less folds.

If you are not using the printout you will need to sketch the shape of a human with it’s arms touching the sides!


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 2 Cut round the edge of the hero, though all the layers of paper.

Open out and you’ll discover a circle of hero shapes. Decorate each as you wish!



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