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Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 1

The Apostle Philip really has got the gift of evangelism, but for simplicity sake we call it the gift of inviting. Invitations link nicely into cards and this pop-up version could easily be used for a churches special event, or as part of an outreach project.

This first craft of Philip’s is perfect for groups who love paper construction but the cutting time is the biggest factor.
Apostle Philip


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 1 For this craft you will need scissors, a glue stick, a piece of paper/card to mount onto or printout page 3, and either page 1 OR 2 of the PDF printout .

If you have not made many pop-up cards and do not want to use the mount page – I would advise you print a test one including the mount first!


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 1 Cut out the big shapes – after you have coloured them if you needed to. There are 2 parts for the inside and a mount piece which is optional.

While there is a lot of cutting you don’t need to be too exact to make a great looking pop-up card!


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 1 Next comes the folding. There should be some dotted lines to help guide you. If you want to be exact score first using either a scoring tool or a pushpin and ruler. The glue tabs are all marked with checkered boxes too!


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 1 The Apostles piece makes a ‘M’ fold, plus it’s glue tabs. You should be able to pick it up and see the M shape from the feet end, and have the glue tabs facing you.


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 1 The word piece needs folding in half along the line and the glue tabs folding too. If you are using the mount piece this also needs folding.


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 1 Time for gluing – start with the Apostles piece. Add glue to the tab at the left end and glue it over the guide mark so that the 2 checkered sides are glued together.

If you are not using the mount piece then follow the same steps but guess the position – it’s not too difficult though you may have to re-position so be light with the glue!


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 1 Next repeat with the word piece. Stick the 2 checked sides together at the left hand side.


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 1 Fold both pieces over so the glue tabs are facing you. The Apostles piece will actually sit inside the word piece slightly. Add a little glue to both glue tabs and fold the card.


Apostle Philip (John 12) | Craft 1 Smooth your card down to make sure the glue has connected. When you open the card it should pop up!

If you have extra time why not make an outside for your card, put someones name on the outside and give it away!



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