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Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Worksheet

Crippled woman
This worksheet all about the Crippled Woman’s Sabbath experience is an examination of how we can make one day different and special. It is designed for multiple age groups and best completed in small groups. The boxes ask the child to identify how their Sabbath day is different from the rest of their week, the questions examine the practice of Sabbath over the specific day, and the puzzle at the end lets them doodle and discover as they think about the story and the synagogue that the woman may have arrived at.

To complete this worksheet the children need need colouring pens, pencils or crayons.

The PDF can be downloaded by clicking on the images.

Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Craft 2


The story of the crippled woman explores the idea of making the Sabbath a recognisable day. Inspired by the beautiful printable paper chains on allsorts I designed this simple but clear Sabbath linked activity.

The idea behind this craft is simple, you thread 6 busy chains and one contrasting blank chain to represent the day you stop, the Sabbath day.
Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Craft 2

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Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Games


Being a crippled woman was tough, so was keeping the rules of Sabbath. These games can be used to explore the various issues around the story, from the bondage of sickness to the validity of rules.

Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | GamesCrippled Woman (Luke 13) | GamesCrippled Woman (Luke 13) | GamesCrippled Woman (Luke 13) | Games

Every seven – Sit in a circle (preferably on the floor) and explain that this game is about finding a Sabbath day of rest. Have a leader assign a place of work (hospital, classroom, home, garden etc) and then going round the circle the children need to call out a related action and have the group mimic it. Every seventh child shouts rest and the group lay on the floor. eg. place of work = playground, child 1 run (stand up on spot run for a few steps, group mimics), child 2 skip, child 3 play football, child 4 blow a whistle, child 5 play tag (tags person next to them), child 6 climb, child seven rest (children rest until leader calls out new location.

Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | GamesCrippled Woman (Luke 13) | GamesCrippled Woman (Luke 13) | GamesCrippled Woman (Luke 13) | GamesCrippled Woman (Luke 13) | GamesCrippled Woman (Luke 13) | Games

Bent over – This is a two team race. Have your children put their right hand on their left knee, bandage in place for older children if desired. Then get your children to line up according to their new height. Starting with the tallest, pass a ball along along the row asking the participants to pass the ball over their heads, once at one end have the participant run to the front of the line and repeat until the tallest is again at the front.
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Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Character Images


Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to the Crippled Woman.

Each hero set contains a high quality graphic of the character, a take home bible card and a colouring page.

The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.
(Please note : these images have no watermark but are not copyright free, they are only intended for classroom use.)




38-Crippled Woman38-Crippled Woman


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Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Craft 1


This is a simple folding craft to create the two pictures of the crippled woman, looking from one side you see her bent over and sad, from the other side you see her happy and standing straight. Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Craft 1

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Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Story

Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Story 
If you want the teachers page then please click on the image for the pdf.

Today’s hero is The Crippled woman because she shows us the gift of the Sabbath

Essential Teachers notes:
The Sabbath in this story turns from a day of freedom into a day of limitation and back into a day of freedom as Jesus enters the picture. Sabbath in new testament terms can appear plainly ridiculous to youngsters today, but it’s importance is not to be ridiculed rather questioned. Discuss the difference between wrong intentionally and misguided with your youngsters, challenge older children to examine how they can keep their Sabbath a holy time. As always this story is provided as a guide, do use the idea and specifics woven into your own words.

Main Passage : Luke 13

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