This Easter morning craft with Mary Magdalene and Jesus is a perfect candidate for the craft bags, unsupervised table, tight-on-time activity that often gets requested at Easter events. The two little pencil puppets / pencil toppers have a tiny background to act our the scene of joy and wonder that took place in the garden all those years ago.


Mary literally sees the empty tomb, so I couldn’t resist making a tomb craft for this lesson. This one works by spinning 2 cups and it’s not only simple to make but it’s also a perfect end of session craft as you can leave it basic or continue to customise. Magdalene


Magdalene worksheet
Mary Magdalene’s story is full of joy and sorry, this worksheet is a total recap, starting when we first meet Mary in Luke 8 and then examining the Easter morning events. Draw, circle, match and navigate your way through these independent activities or work with a friend.

To complete the worksheet you will just need something to write with.

The PDF can can be downloaded by clicking on the image.


Mary Magdalene is a great character, sometimes seen as the female Apostle she is the first witness of the resurrected Christ. These games link into various parts of the story, the way she mistook Jesus as a gardener, her role in the group, the oils she bought for a task she never fulfilled and more. Some of these activities are more suited to the start of a session, while others would work better later on.


Who am I? – This is a classic game involving a blindfold and lots of people trying to disguise their voice. Have the child playing ‘Mary Magdalene’ sit in a chair blindfolded, point to one other child and get them to call out “Mary Magdalene” – Can the child with the blindfold tell who it is?

Smell bags – Mary goes to buy oils to anoint the body at the beginning of this story. Use some kind of container, a cloth bag works the best but cardboard boxes with salt shaker holes are just as easy. Then find some familiar smells, shampoo’s, perfumes, soap, chopped vegetables, spices, cleaning products, candles, fruit, flavoured crisps, etc. Either place ‘the smell’ inside the container or onto a tissue inside the container and get the kids to identify it.

How could Mary Magdalene mistake Jesus for a gardener? I’d imagine her eyes were full of tears, her head bowed from sorrow, but wait, look deeper and listen, that’s no gardener!

Simple paper-crafts are great because they need the most basic of supplies and with just a little prep, like scoring lines and cutting shapes, even the younger members of the group can produce something quite stunning.


Mary Magdalene 
If you want the teachers page then please click on the image for the pdf.

Today’s hero is Mary Magdalene because she shows us the gift of A Lord
Essential Teachers notes:
Mary is a pretty amazing character, she’s mentioned in our scripture much more than many of the apostles, and yet not having been one of ‘the 12’ she is often only studied as a reformed character. Popular teachings about her former life of disgrace are only one way of reading into the text, Mary being a very common name causes much debate here. What we do know for certain is that she was a woman of wealth, a great supporter of Jesus, a very close friend, and a witness to the most important events of the Christian faith.

Main Passage : John 20
Additional passages : Matthew 27+28, Mark 15+16, Luke 8+24, John 19.
—————————————- (more…)


Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to Mary Magdalene (John 20).
Each hero set contains a high quality graphic of the character, a take home bible card and a colouring page.

The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.
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