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Rhoda’s Discovery (Acts 12) | Character Images


Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to Rhoda’s Discovery (Acts 12).
The images are displayed small here, right click and select save – you will then have larger images.



Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Character Images Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Character Images




Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Character Images Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Character Images


Rhoda’s Discovery (Acts 12) | Craft 1


I have some very little ones in my group and so I’m trying to put more younger crafts on for them. this one is very simple and reusable. I bought a cheap wooden block set from what the locals call a ‘Chinese’ shop and using sticky tack I made a maze for the kids to solve. They can use a finger to trace the route or a toy person, or a block with a picture attached with glue. Once solved you can let the children destroy it and make a picture of the house that Peter was looking for out of the blocks.


Rhoda’s Discovery (Acts 12) | Craft 2

Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Craft 2
Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Craft 2The pop-up house is a simple craft and can be turned into a little storytelling stage. The basic concept is straightforward and I would recommend getting teens to make their own design. younger children will probably be better with a template.

You can download the PDF of my design which has an extra page with just the mechanism outline by clicking on this sentence.

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Rhoda’s Discovery (Acts 12) | Story

Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Story
This story lends itself to being acted out, if you have an outside space especially. if not then it’s quite a short story to sit through.(right click and save the image to get the teachers page)
The first church started, but, when something is new it also scares people. The disciples taught people about Jesus and some people didn’t like it, especially the religious leaders who thought they knew all about God, and this Jesus didn’t sound like the God they knew.

So the church was persecuted, the leaders were arrested, they were put in prison, and sadly some of them died because they refused to say that the church’s story wasn’t true. This story happens at a very sad time. One of Jesus’ special 12 followers had just died. Everyone was very sad and scared, because now another one of Jesus’ followers, Peter, was in the same prison.

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Rhoda’s Discovery (Acts 12) | Games


This passage is all about Rhoda, probably a young girl just doing her everyday stuff, but bursting with excitement at what she finds. The story also encompasses Peter’s escape, so there is a lot of scope to tie into journeys, being led, finding, dreams, and angels!

Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | GamesRhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | GamesRhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | GamesRhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Games

Who’s at the Door – simple listening game involving placing one child one side of a barrier and another child calls out ‘let me in’, the first child has to guess who is calling. as children get older they disguise their voice and it gets harder.

Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | GamesRhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Games

In Prison – kind of a variation of musical statues where when the music stops you need you wait to be released from the prison by the ‘angels’. Via Scripture union

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