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Cornelius (Acts 10) | Games


Cornelius (Acts 10)  - Games


This is a story of inclusivity. It’s a story about people who had always been treated as less getting to be a full part of God’s work. It’s a story that repeats itself in almost every generation and our modern day Cornelius and Peter may not be the people we expect.




Keep it up – How long can a child keep a balloon in the air? Let them play solo, then in pairs, then 4’s until there is only one group.
Link: We achieve more working together.

Cornelius (Acts 10) | Games

Included – The aim of the game is to get through as many cards as possible while getting to know the group you are playing with. Click on the image for the link to the full game and instructions.
Link: God’s family thrives by being inclusive.

Many colours – Split your kids into 3 groups. Give each group one colour of play-dough. Ask them how many colours they can make without leaving their group. Now let the groups mix and set the same challenge.
Link : God’s world is more beautiful when we link our gifts.

Echoes – A simple mimic game where the first person taps out a small beat and passes it around the group, once it reaches the last person they change the beat. Add in sound effects as your group gets more confident.
Link : It was time to change the beat of faith for Peter to include the gentiles.




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