Little James (Luke 6) | Games


The lesson on Little James is all about being selected. Rather than give you a lot of ideas there is only one provided here. This game is one that is worth revisiting as you work your way through the apostles series, plus the more you play the more tactical the game gets.

Alternatively, play a game that requires ‘selecting teams’ or link back to the Apostle crowd by using a game such as the Memory match cards.


Included – The aim of the game is to get through as many cards as possible while getting to know the group you are playing with. Shuffle the cards and then choose a player. Have the player turn over the top card and choose a person that the card applies to, that person is now in their group and can stand behind the player and assist them. Turn the next card and choose another child. You must to choose a child that fills a given description to move onto the next card. If you reach a card that does not apply to anyone not already in the group your turn has ended. Remove the final unfulfilled card, shuffle and chose another player.

There is 32 cards provided though you could always make your own. Descriptors are general enough to be used with any size of group or age range. Examples : “Was here last week” “Has a ‘t’ in their name” “Can whistle” “Is wearing red”

Print out the pdf on as heavy paper / card as your printer can manage. The backs have no lines so there is no chance of not lining up the printer correctly! If you don’t want to use the back design at all you can leave them blank or print on thick scrapbook paper. For thicker cards print on separate pages and sandwich the two with a piece of card between.

Descriptor side PDF – 2 pages
Back design PDF – 1 page






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