Early Life of Paul (Escapes) | Craft

This story holds three stories together, as such there are 3 crafts to do, all very simple and suitable to be put on in tandem. Having three small crafts means that youngsters get a choice. One is described in detail and the other two are youtube video’s – sometimes reinventing the wheel is just foolish!



This is a simple craft remembering how Paul escaped being stoned by playing dead. You need no special preparations and minimal materials. there is a PDF of the pathway and a picture of Paul but it’s easy to draw your own.

Here is the craft in 5 simple steps. (pictures below)

1. get your materials, a long strip of card and some extra for a picture of Paul.

2. cut around the figure of Paul, back it on card and punch a small hole in each of his arms.

3. take a long piece of string (2 times the length of the card plus about 5cm) and pass it through each arm hole in turn leaving a large loop of thread. tie a knot with the ends of the string to form a loop

4. take the pathway and back it onto card. punch holes where the white marks are or in the middle of each end. (you may notice that i got the size wrong on my illustration, sorry)

5. find the middle of the string and attach it to the back one end of the card with tape, attach the knot to the other end leaving the string quite slack.

(optional 6. decorate Paul with pencil crayons and add tissue paper to the rocks)

if you want to download the PDF click HERE




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