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Early Life of Paul – Escapes | Games


If you have the game board (Giants Journey) from a couple of lessons ago then this is a good excuse to use it again. big games that involve a lot of movement are great openers and you can make it as challenging as possible for your age group.


spaghetti and marshmallows – using dry spaghetti with sticky marshmallows as building materials is a great way for older children to be set a simple challenge that also links into the very tangible obstacles that needed to be met in the stories. Generally the tallest that can stand unaided is deemed the winner.

rope slide – this is a simple challange where you set up a mini zip-line and ask the youngsters to create a support for a doll to zip along it. you will need a doll (or equivelent object) for each team. unlike the above this can have multiple winners.

pass the parcel – I’ve gone traditional again. The idea of something precious being cradled in the hands of God as it moves from place to place makes this party favourite a perfect illustration.

Mapped treasure – it does take a little preparation but this simple treasure hunt is fun. Make a simple map of your workspace and then mark on the map the places things are hidden. In each hiding place put one picture or letter. The object of the game is for the kids to record each treasure and put them together to tell a story or make a word. The word could be “challenge”.




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