Early Life of Paul – Escapes | Craft


This is a late addition to the lessons where Paul kept finding himself in trouble because he couldn’t stop talking about Jesus. These word bubbles are really simple and fun to make with any age – you can make them any size, from huge ones for the whole group to work on together to tiny ones for key-rings. I chose to make these about 12x8cm.

If you want to use it then here is the PDF template I used – though you can use any shape you wish to make a word bubble.

If you have paper-coated card then transfer the shape of your choice and cut out. Alternatively decorate the printout and then stick onto thicker card.


I used glitter over glue for the letters and a stamp pad and pens for the edges. They can be decorated in any way using any medium.

As they can be a bit delicate to hold, especially if the glue is not 100% dry, add a lolly stick to the back for the kids to hold.


Obviously, this translates really easily for other things to shout about or into other languages.
Eg. Here is my prep work for a Serbian group.
Because we had some very little ones we used felt pens and glue sticks!



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