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Esther (Esther 4) | Craft 2

The lesson on Esther is the one that brings the big story of the book into one place, and as such it’s the time where all the characters get to shine. This craft makes each character into a simple finger puppet and allows you to explore the different events by reenactment.

This set includes: King Xerxes, Esther, Mordecai, Haman & Hegai.
Esther craft 2


Esther (Esther 4) | Craft 2 For this craft you will need the PDF printout (1 page per child), scissors, sticky tape & a glue dots.
(Glue dots or double sided tape stick well to sticky tape, but a glue stick will work if you are careful)

For printing in Colour PDF – two pages
For printing with NO Colour PDF – two pages


Esther (Esther 4) | Craft 2 Cut round the characters, there is a dotted line for those working with paper or younger children. If printed on card and you have an older group, then you can cut closer to the design.


Esther (Esther 4) | Craft 2 Cut out the rectangles and wrap around the chosen finger. Slide it off the finger and tape in place.


Esther (Esther 4) | Craft 2 Add a glue dot and stick the character in the middle.


Esther (Esther 4) | Craft 2 While you can fit multiple characters on each hand it’s easier to tell the story with just one at a time!

Display glove – kitchen towel holder & pipe cleaners in the fingers!
Esther (Esther 4) | Craft 2



PDF Download now available in other languages
Esther (Esther 4) | Craft 2Hungarian/ no colour
– thank you Lilla


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