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Esther is today’s bible hero because she shows us the gift of advice.

Essential Teachers notes:
The story of Esther is the main narrative of the book holding the same name. To simplify it into a story that doesn’t become too much like a Cinderella tale can be a challenge and so this story remains quite long. Obviously there are parts of the story that will be expanded on by looking into the other characters – the story of Mordecai’s loyalty and the kings honouring of others actions are explored in separate lessons available on-site.

Main Passage : Esther 4


The King of Persia had lost his wife and he was getting lonely. There were lots of people in the palace but he wanted someone special. One of his advisor’s suggested he call all the beautiful women of the kingdom to come and meet him, then he could chose a new wife. The king liked the idea, he sent people across his kingdom to gather pretty girls.

Esther was beautiful. She lived with her uncle Mordecai, who was an important Jewish man. The kings men saw Esther and told her to come to the palace to see if the king would like her to be his new queen. Esther told her uncle, and he said she should go, but not to tell anyone she was Jewish. Esther knew her uncle was very wise, so she did as he said.

The palace was full of beautiful women. The person in-charge, Hegai, told them that they had one year to prepare to see the king. Esther listened as did exactly what they suggested. Soon Hegai saw Esther was special. He gave her the best rooms and servants to help her with her beauty treatments. When Esther went to meet the king she took only what Hegai recommended. She realised Hegai was wise like Mordecai. The King was pleased and chose Esther to be his new queen.

Every day Esther sent a message to Mordecai to get his advice. One day Mordecai was very upset, Haman, the kings most important advisor had a signed decree to kill all the Jews in the kingdom of Persia. Mordecai wanted the her to help by speaking to the king, but Esther was scared. She sent a message to Mordecai saying;

“If anyone goes to the king without being called they are killed. Only if he holds out his golden scepter will their lives be saved. It has been 30 days since the king called for me, perhaps he doesn’t like me any more and I will be killed.”

Mordecai replied saying perhaps God had made her Queen just for this moment. Just because she was queen, she was not safe from Haman’s decree.

So Esther decided to pray and fast for 3 days, then she would go and see the king. When Esther went to the king she was scared, but as he saw her face he lifted his gold scepter for her to come and talk to him. The king was so pleased to see her that he offered her anything she wanted, even half of his kingdom. Esther wanted the king to come and dine with her and to invite Haman. After the meal the king again offered her anything she wanted, even half of his kingdom. Esther asked the King and Haman to dine with her the next night.

After the second meal the king offered her a third time anything she wanted, even half of his kingdom. Esther asked the king to spare her life, the lives of her family, and her people from a man who wanted to kill them. The king was outraged, who wanted to kill his beautiful queen. Esther said Haman had ordered all the Jewish people be killed, and that she too was a Jew. The king was angry. He ordered Haman be killed, and his fasted riders to go to every part of his land and change the orders to kill the Jews.

Esther listened to good advice from Mordecai, from Hegai, and spent time listening to God. The Jewish people still celebrate the story of Esther every year in a celebration called Purim.

Esther is today’s bible hero because she shows us the gift of advice.



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