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Esther (Esther 4) | Games


The hero in this story is the soon to be Queen Esther. These simple game ideas can be used, or any from the ‘Purim’ set which includes Modecai and the King Xerxes.

Blind beauty – This is a game where your hands are not your own. pair the players and get one to put their hands behind their backs while the other player slips their arms through the loop created under the armpits. give each team a few items of make-up and tell them to make themselves look beautiful for the king. This game is fun as a demonstration piece.

Purim corners – with decorations being an optional, play a game of corners using the four main characters in the Esther story. Have a corner full of chairs for the King on his throne, use girly scarves or accessories for Esther, have a set of beach mats for Mordecai sitting at the kings gate, and musical instruments to down out the name of Haman. (Traditionally when the story of Esther is told in Jewish households they use instruments to down out Haman’s name)

Banquet cups – Have youngsters sit in a circle, or found a table. Give each youngster a plastic cup and each set of youngsters a small ball (table tennis balls work well). Have the youngsters pass the ball around the table by trapping it under their cups- older children can do this randomly. when you shout ‘King’ the person with the ball needs to stand up, bounce the ball on the table and catch it in their cup.


Build a Palace – this is a simple activity that you can easily tailor to fit your group. Give the youngsters small boxes and tubes to build the palace with if you have them seated, or big objects if they need to do a stage setting. If you wish link in the concepts of a gate for Mordecai to wait at, a woman’s area for Esther, and a throne room.




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