Eutychus (Acts 20) | Craft


This is a really simple paper construction that allows you to turn the handle and see Eutychus fall, then open the flap to see Paul arrive to help him. There are no words on this craft so it is suitable for any language. The craft can be made with or without the lift the flap element. You will need one printout and a split pin per child.

Print the template onto a piece of thin card or paper. If you use paper you may want to back the final project. There are instructions on the printout.

Cut out all the pieces, take care around the character. The long curved white dotted line also needs to be cut, you can use a craft knife or a pair or scissors and tape the frame back together. The two white crosses mark where the split pin will go, make a hole here by cutting slits or using a hole punch.


Fold the character support along the dotted lines as shown – add a little glue to the non-printed side and stick together, this results in the support coming out from the middle of the character not the feet.


To make the mechanism:
1st – Thread Eutychus through the long slit, he should sit on the cut.
2nd – Put the split-pin though the background.
3rd – Put the split-pin through Eutychus’ support.


Open the pin at the back and test that it moves smoothly. if it doesn’t then take the mechanism apart and make the slit wider (towards the split pin hole).

If you wish you can stop here.


To add the extra lift the flap element, fold the flap piece along the dark dotted line.


Add glue to the smaller side of the flap and stick to the background taking care to line up the images. This has the added bonus of hiding the split pin!


While I normally advocate printing in colour I realise this image is quite ink heavy being so dark. I have included a black and white version for those of you would would prefer the challenge of colouring it in!




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