Eutychus (Acts 20) | Games


Eutychus never actually say’s a word in his encounter with Paul, apart from knowing he was young and sleepy we know very little about him. These games therefore link to sleep and falling.

safe landing – a bit like playing sand boules this is a throwing game where you aim for a target. Use small balls or soft coits and create a soft target using a small pillow. If you have a large group then work in teams. Make the game harder for older kids be creating a window they must fall through. You can do this simply using the back of a chair.


Wakey Wakey faces – you may want to use the printout for this game. The idea is that the youngsters need to collect the parts of the face to wake up their character. Split the youngsters into 2 teams and have them stand in their team area. Complete your faces as a relay race, with only one team member able to run at a time.

Sleeping lions – feel free to rename this more appropriately. This traditional game is a solid favourite with many children and even teens. Simply put the kids need to pretend to sleep, if the watcher sees them move then they are out of the game.

Marble run – Falling safely also links to this recently featured game, so I’ve added it this game again. Give each participant a tube, cardboard, pod noodle, taped paper etc. The idea is that the children transport a marble safely through the various tubes. Either round a circle or with fewer children across a room.

Don’t drop it – a simple concept and so easy to play as a game. Simply gather whatever you have around you and ask the youngsters not to drop it. Progressively make the game harder by giving them more items or restricting their ability to balance – eg. a pencil could be held on held with your nose. a ball could be held while walking without using your hands or arms, a book could be balanced on your head while hopping! the last one to drop the item wins!





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