Eutychus (Acts 20) | Story

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Essential Teachers notes:
This story is told using actions. The simple key words or buzz words are listed at the beginning. This story is either miraculous in it’s healing or it’s fortune, either way doesn’t matter as much as the reassurance of the crowd. Equally Eutychus is in no way to blame for the events, on the contrary, this story shows us that sometimes our human limitations, even when they seem to be hindering us, can be a powerful witness. Lastly, Eutychus is a tough name to pronounce – choose something you can twist your tongue around and stick to it.

Stories are given for inspiration, do use your own words and details

Main Passage : Acts 20

Today’s story is about a man called Eutychus, he wasn’t a vary old man, probably just a teenager. I wonder if we can act out the story of Eutychus today, will you help me?

Here are the instructions when you hear the key word you need to do the action:

Sleep / sleepy – put you hands under your head and snore lightly
Find – pretend to be looking through a magnifying glass like a detective
Paul – say “God’s messenger”
Jesus – say “hallelujah”

Eutychus was wandering round the city of Troas where he lived. He had heard that a great man called Paul (pause) was in town and he was going to give a talk. Eutchus looked everywhere to try and find him (pause). Paul (pause) was an apostle, a friend of Jesus (pause) and a leader of ‘the way’, the church.

Eventually Eutychus managed to find (pause) somebody who told him where Paul (pause) was going to be talking. Eutchus ran to the house and found a big crowd of people on the third floor. Everybody was talking about Jesus (pause). They were told that the next day Paul (pause) would be leaving Troas, so if they had questions today was the day to ask them. Paul (pause) asked everybody to find (pause) a place to sit. Eutychus couldn’t find (pause) a seat anywhere so he sat down on the window ledge.

The lamps were lit as night came and Paul (pause) talked and talked, and answered questions, and discussed Jesus (pause). Eutychus started to feel sleepy (pause). The warmth of the people, the glow of the lamps, and the soft breeze from outside made him really sleepy (pause). Eutychus tried to concentrate of what Paul (pause) was saying, he really wanted to learn more about this person called Jesus (pause).

It got later and later and soon it was midnight. Eutchus was asleep (pause). He didn’t snore very loudly so everybody just left him where he was. But, an open window isn’t a very safe place to sleep (pause). One minute Eutchus was snoring lightly, the next he wasn’t there anymore. The people near him turned round to find (pause) where he had gone, they ran to the window and saw Eutchcus laying on the ground 3 floors down.

Everybody ran for the door, down the stairs and outside onto the street. “He’s dead” said the people who reached him. Everybody went quiet. Paul (pause) came to the front of the crowd. He went and held Eutychus. “He’s not dead” said Paul (pause) Everybody looked confused, could this man really have saved him, they all looked at Eutychus laying on the ground and just then, Eutychus opened his eyes. Paul (pause) helped Eutchus to his feet and brought in inside for something to eat. Paul (pause) carried on talking to everyone about Jesus (pause) until the sun came up.

Eutchus had tried to find (pause) a good speaker called Paul (pause) but he had found a second chance at life and a saviour called Jesus (pause)…. and, in some ways, all he had to do to learn about God’s saving power was to go to sleep! (pause)

Today’s hero is Eutychus because he shows us the gift of Sleep



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