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First 4 disciples (Mark 1) | Games


First 4 disciples (Mark 1) - Games


The four men were called to follow, to walk in the dust of a rabbi, becoming like him and learning to fish for men. These games all hang on the ideas of calling, imitating and fishing.




Magnet men – Make up fishing poles using dowel, string, and a magnet hook. Then cut out some small man shapes and slide a paper-clip around their waist. A quick time-saver is to cut a people paper chain and then divide it up. Add a twist by writing a task for the child to fulfil on each paper man

Mirror mirror – Stand opposite your partner. Copy your partners gestures. E.g. lift your right arm and your partner will lift his left, smile and your partner will smile, etc


Fishing for… – You’ll need lots of items, small multi-colour balls/beanbags work well in a group, or if you are at home any item from around the house. In this gathering game you gather things that share an attribute, perhaps a colour or a shape etc.

Follow the leader – a classic copying game that takes you on a journey round your space.

Tag or catch – Another classic but perfect to get the wriggles out and still links well.




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