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Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21) | Make 2

Ishmael and Hagar must have slowly started to panic as the water ran dry, this craft looks at that emotion and how the angel reveals the oasis for them. It’s a simple sliding window craft that’s quite intuitive to put together. Hagar & Ishmael


Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21) | Make 2 For this craft you will need the PDF printout, scissors, a craft knife and a glue stick.

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with no Colour PDF – one page


Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21) | Make 2 Start by add any colour or words to your template then cut out all 4 pieces and remove the inside of the water-skin.


Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21) | Make 2 Fold the two flaps on the bigger piece behind. These will be where the smaller piece slides.


Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21) | Make 2 Take the two securing rectangles if you wish to use them and glue in place. You only need to add glue to the tabs at the end.


Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21) | Make 2 Slide the story piece inside and pull down to tell the story.


Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21) | Make 2 Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21) | Make 2 Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21) | Make 2


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