Hagar & Ishmael (Genesis 21) | Craft

The pivitol point in the story of Ishmael is the choice Abram makes. This simple folding craft, inspired by Aunt Annie’s Tetraflexagons, is a simple display of how God’s plan and Abram’s plan did not align, turn to the back to see Hagar and Ishmael having to leave. Hagar & Ishmael


For this craft you will need the PDF printout, printer paper (card not advisable for this one), scissors and a glue stick.


Cut the whole shape out. Be careful with your cutting as it will help get better composite images and help you fold later on.


To make this 2 sided we are going to stick the 2 parts together, the middle line is marked with an arrow and it’s the only pace the two shapes line up perfectly too! If you can leave the glue a minute to set before continuing to fold.


Now comes the tricky bit, we need every square to be separated with a fold. These fold need to go both ways! luckily in most cases you can line up the edges to make this easier.


To combine you need to first fold the piece so you can see the picture of God’s idea for Abraham and Sarah’s family. Then turn over the whole thing.


Add glue to one of the 2 squares that say ‘glue’ and fold the picture over to stick them together. You’ll know this is right if the second family portrait appears.


Now use your 4 images to tell the story!




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