Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 1


This craft looks great, and really is very very simple. Use any fabric you have on hand, as long as it’s a light colour, and decorate with felt tip pens or fabric pens if you have them.

You can make them full size as I did, scale them down, or even just make them out of paper.

Print the template guide – simply cut out the entire shape and lengthen it according to the size of your children, or use the dashed box as an extension guide. (image linked to PDF), you may find it easier to have at least 2 copies of the page.
Here is the layout plan for the template. It is scaled to fit a small child of about 6. If you have a larger child you may want to extend the width of the piece. You need 4 of the top shapes and 4 of extension boxes, shown here in grey.
You can make the template up by working directly onto the material. Simply lay out the pieces and trace round using a soft pencil (or tailors chalk if you have it.)

I ended up using a small piece of wood to keep the bottom of my pattern straight, then flipped both of the pattern piece for each section. You can also see that I used some pins to hold the pattern in place.
Alternatively you can trace the pattern onto a big sheet of paper (I used baking parchment) and then working from that pattern. This makes the whole process much swifter.
I used pinking shears for the edges of mine so I didn’t have to worry about fraying or even getting the edges very straight! each one took less than 5 minutes to trace and cut from the pattern.
Once you have cut the entire shape out, sew along the tops of the shoulders, or if you prefer use super-glue (just make sure it’s fully dry before giving to the kids).
Decorate the robes with fabric pens, felt-tip pens, or gluing fabric shapes. Pens dry quickly but if you are using thin fabric you may want to place a protector in the middle to stop the colour bleeding through both layers.

As you can see, we even had some fabric left over for a special friend!



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