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Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2


This craft is linked to the hero character of Hannah. It has 2 parts to it, you can either just make the character or you can make a simplified version into a picture frame.

Both these crafts use fine motor skills, involving a lot of scissor work. If you have younger children then you may want to do this as a group activity and pre-prepare the cut-outs, if not then see the other craft linked to this lesson which is designed for younger children – Hannah’s simple robe.
Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2


Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2 Click on this image of the templates to download the 3 page PDF. All the designs work in the same way. You may want a craft knife if you are printing the designs small, but the cutting can all be done with normal scissors. You will also need some doubled sided adhesive foam, or corrugated cardboard and double sided tape.

The Frame


Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2 I have supplied the frame template in black and white. If you wish to use this version then you will need to give the children materials to colour their creation before they compile the image.
Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2 Trim away any excess card and then remove the inside of the frame. Then carefully cut the pieces to be raised. If you wish you can put a bubble around the letters rather than cut the letters out individually. I worked on an A5 size frame, which made the cutting a little fiddly but gave a nice result.
Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2 I used padded double side adhesive – this is remarkably cheap. You will need a pair of scissors to cut the pieces to size.
Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2
If you know someone who has some nail varnish removal pads then keeping one handy is a great way of cleaning any sticky residue from the scissors.
Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2 Use as large a piece of doubled sided adhesive foam as possible if you are going to layer above it. This way the extra layers will be more stable. Small squares will fix the tails of letters, which will bend easily if not secured.
Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2 Layer the words and images onto the frame until all the pieces are used. If you have access to a camera and a printer then take a group photo to paste behind, or offer to take family photo’s when the children are collected.

The Character


Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2 Character recognition is a big part of the JWL material and any JWL bible hero could be made into a layered image like this simply by printing multiple copies of the character. This time however I’ve separated the elements to make the compilation more obvious.
Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2 As before simply cut out all the elements. For your ease they are numbered so show the order they are assembled, and I’ve drained the background layers of colour to save printed ink. The assembly is exactly the same as in the frame above.
NB.Take care not to forget to remove the neck piece (as I almost did in the example)
Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2 Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Craft 2


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