Hannah (1 Samuel 1) | Games


The hero in this story is Hannah, she is part of the ‘leaders of God’s people’ series as she built God’s family. Please note this lesson is not about Samuel, but Hannah. Samuel is a separate character.


Tangled Links – Get the children to stand in a tight circle and pass a ball of string from person to person, holding onto the string as it passes through their hands. Once everyone has a bit of the string get the children to untangle themselves.

Hand Relay – Sit with your palms faced up and your left hand under the right hand of your neighbour. Get the first person to say “in my family I have…” and then lifting your right hand tap your neighbours right hand and they mention someone in their family, and pass the tap on.

Inherited Hat – Speak aloud the script and get the children to imitate your actions. “When I was a baby I (insert action) like this, when I was a child I (insert action) like this, when I was a grown up I (insert action) like this, when I was old I (insert action) like this, then I gave my hat to…”

Chained family – Get everybody to write their name on a strip of paper as they arrive in church. Show the children the names and say we are going to connect all the names, but we want to connect them in order. Find something that connects 2 names and then join the names together. add the name Hannah onto the chain, along with Eli and Samuel.

Parachute games – this lesson is really suited to group work that comes with parachute games. simple activities like passing a wave or ball round the edge of the parachute using co-operation, or spinning a child (sometimes called washing machine) where the whole group must work together show the value of community.





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