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Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Craft 1


Though these little baubles are linked to the Herod the Great lesson they are suitable for any Christmas lesson as there are 3 different designs – The Magi & Herod, the Shepherd & Angel and Mary & Joseph. Including Herod on our Christmas decorations reminds us of the darkness that came with the joy, the strife that accompanied The Prince of Peace arriving. Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Craft 1


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Craft 1 To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, some string or wool, a hole punch or awl, and a glue stick. If you have a large number to prepare then the circles are exactly 3 inches and a circle punch of this size will allow you to cut 2 thirds of the circles. This craft works fine on standard paper but would also work on thin card.
Choose your template:
For printing with colour PDF – 3 pages
For printing with no colour PDF – 3 pages


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Craft 1 Cut out the six circles, making sure to leave the hanging tab attached.
Fold every circle in half with the picture on the inside.
The circles with hanging tabs must be folded with the tab along the crease line.


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Craft 1 Flatten one circle and add glue to the back.


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Craft 1 Leaving it folded, add another circle onto just one side.


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Craft 1 Keep adding half circles to each side.
Make sure there is 2 circles between the hanging tabs.


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Craft 1 Once the final circle is added you will see the hanging tabs overlap – DO NOT glue these together!


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Craft 1 Punch through the hanging tabs, a small punch works best for this but an awl or sharp pencil would suffice.


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Craft 1 Tread your string and then open up the bauble.


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Craft 1 Hang and enjoy!



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