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Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Game


For the play post this time round there are a couple of games that requie this set of cards. There are 21 cards in total spaced over 3 pages of printout. They are designed like the popular game ‘Dobble’ or ‘Spot it’ but have only 5 images rather than the usual 8. Every card in the pack had one image in common with another card. Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Game


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Game To play with these cards all you need to do is print and cut. Thin card is ideal or consider backing your cards onto thin card. Just as an added bonus – The game will work with missing cards and multiple copies too!
Choose your template:
For printing with colour or grey-scale PDF – 3 pages


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Game ‘Match’ Game : The classic game is for 2 players. Give each player the same number of cards setting the spares aside. Have each player turn over one card and race to find the image that appears on both cards. Whomever finds the image first wins both cards and they are added to their pile. If you lose all your cards you are out. If you want to stop the game then the player with the most cards is declared winner. If you have a group then have the children swap players each time they turn a card.


Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Game ‘Not Herod’ Game : In this version of the game the children are sat in a circle and need to swap cards with their neighbours. The aim of the game is to collect 3 (or 4) of the same image. Scattered throughout the cards are 5 of each image. The only set you don’t want is Herod – but beware you may need one card with Herod on it to complete your set!



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