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Herod the Great (Matthew 2) | Games


Herod the Great really does epitomize the darker side of the Christmas story and his choices were down-right morally offensive. These games therefore look more at the elements of choice, clues and searches. The first two games here use a card set that can be found by clicking on the picture. If you are teaching Herod alongside the Magi then the games for the Magi can be found by clicking HERE




Match it – This is similar to the popular ‘Dobble’ or ‘Spot it’ where cards are dealt to two players and upon turning the top card over one symbol one each card will match. the first player to identify this match wins both cards until one player runs out of cards. Link to Herod looking at clues and signs to help the Magi find Jesus.


Not Herod – Use the sets version of the card game for this. You will need 3 cards per player (one set per 7 kids). Sit in a circle and swap cards with your neighbors until you have 3 cards with the same symbol on them. Every 2 cards has one matching pair but finding 3 of the same is not as easy. Make sure you match isn’t Herod! You could repeat with 4 or even 5 matching items to make this game harder. Link to Herod only having partial information about the Christ Child.


Save the crown – Set up a simple obstacle race. Place a paper crown on a small cushion and have the children transport it through the maze and back to the start. Talk about how fragile Herod’s power was.


Finding Christ – A ‘hide the thimble’ alternative. Print a small picture of a baby and hide it in the room. Variants – play as rounds where the baby is re-hidden, or you can print multiple copies and have each child find one. Link to Herod’s search.


Supporting limbs – have the youngsters get into small groups of 3-4 people. The idea of the game is for the group to support each other so that not everyone has to stand on the floor. Nobody is allowed to sit on the floor. Roll 2 dice, one for number of feet that can be touching the floor, the second for the number of hands that can be touching the floor. ( hints : just pick numbers if you don’t have dice and try balancing on knees) Talk about how sometimes we need the support of those around us and that Herod power depended on him being the only one at the top.




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