Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25) | Craft 1


Jacob and Esau have this strange little passage in Genesis where the birth-right is sold for something as insignificant as a bowl of stew. It’s got all the hallmarks of a family ‘in-joke’ and yet this odd little conversation of two young men handing over birth-rights like a candy bar will echo down thought Jacob and Esau’s story. This very simple papercraft captures the moment it happens.


To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors and a craft knife (or small scissors). This craft works fine on standard paper but would also work well on thin card. If you want a ‘neater’ looking craft then you may want a piece of acetate.
Choose your template:
For printing with colour PDF – 1 page
For printing with no colour PDF – 1 page
For printing with no words PDF – 2 pages


Cut out the two pieces.
If you are using acetate trace the long thin piece with a bowl on it onto acetate, cut the bowl out and fix it onto the acetate in the middle.
Use a craft knife to remove the two small white rectangles.


Thread the bowl piece from the back though the hole in Jacob and back through the hole in Esau.
Slide the tab each way to hand the bowl of food back and forth.




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