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Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25) | Story

Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25)   | Story
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Today’s heroes are Jacob and Esau, because they shows us the gift of Birthright.

Essential Teachers notes:
This story of Jacob and Esau, of the developing family of God, show that God’s plan already being shaped by more than just offspring and inheritance. The plan is being molded by the characters and traits of those who make up the successive generations. This stark encounter shows how seemingly insignificant moments can rewrite entire histories.

Main Passage : Genesis 25


Isaac had rebekah and they built their lives together but no children came. So Isaac prayed that God would keep the promise he had made to his father about Isacc becoming a great nation. God heard Isaac and soon Rebakah’s tummy grew so very large, far too big for just one baby.

There must be two babies Rebekah told Issac, I can feel them fighting with each other. Rebekah was right, two baby boys were born. The first red and hairy, the second smaller and holding his brothers heel. They named the Esau and Jocab.

Time passed and the brothers grew so very differently. Jacob was like his mother, he liked to stay at the tents, he was patient and calm. His big brother Easu was much more like his father, his long hair always full of dirt and leaves, his time spent with the animals, he was impatient.

Isaac grew every older and Jacob came to realise that one day Easu would own everything his father had, because Esau was the oldest son. It was his birthright, by being born just a few seconds before his brother Esau got everything and Jacob would have nothing. It made Jacob mad and he started to look for an opportunity to change it.

One day his brother left early and forgot to take his food bag. All day Jacob waited for his brother to return but he didn’t come. As the sun started to go down Jacob was sitting by the fire eating a huge bowl of red lentil stew when he spotted his brother slowly walking towards home. He looked exhausted.

“Give me some of that stew said Esau as he got near.

“No” replied Jacob. I’ve spent a long time on this food and this is the last bowl

“I’ve not eaten all day, please, I’m starving, I’ll die if I don’t eat soon”

“What will you give me for it?” replied Jacob

“What do you want?” said Esau getting annoyed

“Your birthright, sell it to me”

“What good is my birthright if I die from hunger right now? Take it”

“Promise me I can have it and the stew is yours”

“Fine, I promise, now give me that stew”

And so Jacob handed Esau the stew. When Esau realized what he had done he despised his birthright.

Today’s heroes are Jacob and Esau, because they shows us the gift of Birthright.


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