Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25) | Craft 2


The star in this story is no so much either brother and their dim-wittedness or cruel bargain, but a lumpy bowl of red lentil stew. Make your won bowl of stew in this 3 dimensional papercraft. You could make it extra authentic by sticking some lentils inside.


To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors and some glue. This craft works fine on standard paper but would also work well on thin card.
Choose your template:
For printing with colour PDF – 1 page
For printing with no colour PDF – 1 page


Cut out all the pieces


Fold the tabs on the base of the bowl upwards.


glue the rim of the bowl together


Using the glue tabs attach the base to the rim.
I’ve photographed this upside-down for clarity, you get a better result working the other way round.


Glue the characters and small bowl of stew onto the base of the bowl.




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