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Jesus Knew (Mark 9) | Craft 1


Jesus knew he would die, He walked in the shadow of the cross willingly. This little 3d image is really simple to make and quite striking. If you are in a rush you can skip the Hands section and it still looks great! Jesus Knew (Mark 9)  | Craft 1


Jesus Knew (Mark 9)  | Craft 1 To make this craft you will need the 1 page template printout, scissors, a glue stick and some coloured paper or card.

A4 paper templates

US letter paper templates


Jesus Knew (Mark 9)  | Craft 1 Cut out the pieces.


Jesus Knew (Mark 9)  | Craft 1 Fold along the dotted lines.


Jesus Knew (Mark 9)  | Craft 1 Glue the cross to a blank piece of paper.


Jesus Knew (Mark 9)  | Craft 1 Add glue to the printed side of the tabs and stick to the page so the body is curved out.
Repeat with the head overlapping the beard.


Jesus Knew (Mark 9)  | Craft 1 If you are using the arms then glue them into position at the shoulders only.



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