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David Danced (2 Samuel 6) Games


These games tie into the idea of predictions, of God being all knowing, and of the disciples confusion.




Guess the number – Working in pairs, have one child choose a number and the other child guess what it is. The child who chose can’t speak, only make faces. (For younger children, choose a number below 20.)
Link: Jesus wasn’t guessing, he knew.

Follow the leader – In this classic game, you follow the leader around the room imitating their actions.
Link: We try to guess what will come next, we don’t know, like Jesus did.


Meet the line – Blindfold one child and place them on one side of the space. The other children make a line on the opposite side of the space. (Make sure they have a little room behind them.) The line should be silent! The blindfolded child needs to walk towards the group with their arms outstretched to meet the line. When someone touches their hand, they should stop walking so they don’t push people over. The further the distance and faster the walk, the better this works.
Link: It’s really hard to judge when the line will come. We don’t know the exact future like Jesus did but we know God will always “catch” us.

Snakes and ladders – Play this classic game.
Link: Death may have felt like a defeat for Jesus’s friends but Jesus knew it was a small snake and a bigger ladder!




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