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The story of Jonathan warning David is a minefield of game ideas, with propelling arrows, unwitting helpers and secret messages there is a wealth of ways your activities can go.


Arrows – launching arrows across your teaching space may fill you with joy or dread, either way the kids will love it. You can be true to the story using tiny bows and arrows (offsite link) or print these arrow heads (pictured) and attaching them to felt tip pens to play drop arrows.

Story clue – This is a great game to launch the session with, the hidden message is made from clues that all need to be ‘solved’ before it makes sense. Number the clues and once the sentence is solved (“Jonathan shoots an arrow”) ask them to look out for why this is an important thing in the story.

1. picture of Jonah with a crossed out h.
2. >x – greater
3. a shoe
4. the letters T + Z
5. na <-
6. some craft sticks made into an arrow shape

68-line art68-line art

Flying messages – This is a silly jigsaw game that relies on your kids being able to fold paper planes. Print the Jonathan line art picture onto multiple sheets using your printers poster settings. Mix up the sheets and hand then out to your kids to fold paper air planes with. Have then practice their throwing skills, you can even set up buckets for them to aim for. At the end open out the planes and join the picture. Talk about how the arrows weren’t Jonathan’s message but what happened after they were shot.

Delivery Messenger – The beauty of Jonathan’s message was that the servant was unaware of what was happening, similarly have a messenger deliver a message across your room. you need a volunteer, a blind fold and a tray. blindfold your volunteer then make a lot of noise like your setting out an obstacle course, but don’t. Give the volunteer a tray with an imaginary object they must transport across the room and guide them around, under, over and through imaginary obstacles. talk about how we follow orders believing the teller.

Chinese whispers – This is a classic game though why it’s accredited to the Chinese I’ve no idea. Whisper a message in the ear of the person to your right and let them do the same until the message has completed the circle… is the message still the same? Talk about how Jonathan needed to make sure his message was clear.





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