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Jonathan (1 Saumel 20) | Craft 2


This weaved Jonathan puzzle craft is deceptive, it looks like it would be easy but actually takes quite a lot of jiggling to get the image to line up. Not suitable for very young groups but a good challenge for the older kids. Once completed it can look amazing with a drop of colour and a bold colour card behind it. Jonathan (1 Saumel 20) | Craft 2


Jonathan (1 Saumel 20) | Craft 2 For this craft you will need the one page PDF, a colour card for backing onto, scissors and you may want glue or some sticky tape.

For printing in Colour – with faces on palms PDF – two page
For printing with NO Colour – with no faces on palms PDF – two page


Jonathan (1 Saumel 20) | Craft 2 First cut the hands out, be careful and you may find it helpful to increase the split between the fingers a little.


Jonathan (1 Saumel 20) | Craft 2 Weave the fingers together using a simple over under, over under, motion. once weaved you will have to slide the fingers around to line up the image.


Jonathan (1 Saumel 20) | Craft 2 Once you’ve achieved the image you can fix the hands in place using sticky tape or glue and back onto a piece of coloured card before adding some colour to the picture.

Alternatively, turn the hands over and make your own secret message by writing on the weaved hands then pulling them apart.



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  1. how this works? Do I need to pay every time I want to print a craft or activity sheet? Can I pay once and have access to everything? Do I need a code number after I pay, where I suppose to write it ? How much it’s the cost?

    • replied to this with an e-mail at the time. All resources are free, just click the download button. Only lesson sets are behind a paywall, and if you need them but can’t afford it I’ll send you the code to get them free too! Donations help me put food on the table, pay my internet bill and clothe my family so i’ll not stop reminding people that they are needed, but they are donations because I know not everyone can afford to give.

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