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Jonathan (1 Samuel 20) | Game


Turn your felt pens into arrows and drop them on the target. Sometimes just a little bit of creativity can give a game a great boost, this game is totally functional without the craft option but even more memorable with it.

Includes 1 arrow head and one target on the first page & 4 extra arrow heads on the second page.
(Ruth and Boaz are a match for each other!)
Jonathan (1 Samuel 20) | Game


Jonathan (1 Samuel 20) | Game Print out the pdf & gather the extra materials you’ll need – scissors, glue, sticky tape, an old towel and a pen per child.

For printing in Colour PDF – 2 pages
For printing with no Colour please use grayscale.


Jonathan (1 Samuel 20) | Game Cut the arrow feathers out and fold along the sides of the feathers.


Jonathan (1 Samuel 20) | Game Glue each feather to the back of the nest forming a line.


Jonathan (1 Samuel 20) | Game Before completing the circle add a piece of sticky tape to the ends of the middle shaft + add glue to just one side of the last feather.


Jonathan (1 Samuel 20) | Game Now the tricky bit. Wrap the tape round your pen end making sure to glue the final feather together as you go.


Jonathan (1 Samuel 20) | Game Put the target on an old towel (this will let the pen possibly pierce the paper and not ruin the nib) then launch / drop your arrow.



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