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Judas (Matthew 26) | Craft 2

Sometimes crafts have 2 levels, and this is one of those. From a first glance it serves to remind us the coins that Judas took, but when you look closer you see the gathered crowd he walked away from, the friends he betrayed. Judas


Judas For this craft you will need the PDF printout, string, light coloured craft felt (the cheap flatter stuff works better than the fluffy stuff), scissors, glue, a hole punch, an iron and some water.

This printout NEEDS to be printed using a laser printer or a photocopier to get ink transfer. If you don’t have access to either you can still make the pouch and add the bases!
If you want to try the colour printout then it will only work on white felt!

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with no Colour PDF – one page
For printing with no heroes PDF – one page


Judas Grab your printout and cut round the circle roughly. Place onto your felt and iron on face down. You’ll find the paper sticks to the felt quite easily.


Judas Once stuck all the way round wipe the paper with water. Iron until dry and repeat – it will eventually go transparent so you can see the design. Repeating extra times may make your image a little bolder.

Note : don’t make the mistake of removing the paper, it’s really tricky to get back in the exact same place!


Judas Once you’re happy with your dry felt peel off the paper. WARNING : the image will not be really bold.


Judas Using the small back circles as guides punch 12 holes around your circle.


Judas Cut out the 2 other circles from the printout. Stick one in the middle of your crowd.


Judas Go ahead and thread that string, make sure you put a couple of knots in the ends so they can’t slip out again.


Judas If you lightly pull the string it will appear as if the disciples are gathered round for their last meal. Notice Judas is missing. Place the money in the middle and pull the string tight.



Judas Alternatives :

If you have a bit of extra money to throw at the project then print the colour version on T-shirt transfer paper! This will both give a bold image and make your felt feel a bit leathery!

If you don’t have access to a photocopier / laser printer then lightly glue the template to the felt, cut round, punch holes, then separate.

Feel free to substitute the felt for any fabric you have on-hand. If it’s too floppy try a bit of starch!



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