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Judas (Matthew 26) | Craft 1

This make post for Judas is a lovely and rather substantial craft. It illustrates how different Jesus’ approach to being radical was to those who looked to stop his message. It ties in with this lessons approach to Judas, that he was misguided and unable to fully grasp the alternatives that Jesus was offering

Kids love to play fight, and with this craft they will probably give it a go. However, the reveal is also a white flag attached to the blade which hampers the battle somewhat. Be sure to remind the kids what a white flag in battle means!


Judas (Matthew 26) | Craft 1 For this craft you will need the PDF printout, scissors, some sturdy card and a glue stick.

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with no Colour PDF – one page


Judas (Matthew 26) | Craft 1 Start by add any colour or other decorations to your template then cut out the rectangle only.

This needs to be folded in a concertina. To help you there are dotted white lines along the fold points. (recommendation : start folding at the base of the picture!)

Put this piece to one side for the time being.


Judas (Matthew 26) | Craft 1 Roughly cut out the remaining 4 pieces and glue onto your backing card.


Judas (Matthew 26) | Craft 1 Carefully cut out all four pieces.
(Remember to reapply glue on any lose edges!)


Judas (Matthew 26) | Craft 1 Construct the sword by gluing the 2 sword shapes together and then adding the handles on each side.


Judas (Matthew 26) | Craft 1 Finally, glue the flag / reveal over the white box. Judas (Matthew 26) | Craft 1 Judas (Matthew 26) | Craft 1



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