King Saul | Craft 2


If ever a lesson needed you to get the fabric out it’s this one. While you can make your own capes quite easily I recognise that’s a bit more fabric than many groups want to be working with, so here is a super simple cape to make for King Saul.


Print out one template page per 2 children – you’ll also need a fabric that doesn’t fray (I used felt), glue and some thick cardboard.

For printing in full colour PDF – 1 page
For printing with no colour PDF – 1 page


roughly cut round the back of King Saul and mount this paper on card.
(note if you want to save time use the front instead and discard the back)


Cut round the outline of the shape only.


Repeat this process with the broach that holds the cloak in place.


Cut out the front of King Saul and glue over the blank side.


Make 2 slits along the hairlines and bend the hair slightly forward, this will help position and hold the robe.


Cut out the robe template and lightly glue or clip onto fabric so it can be cut out.


Wrap the cloak round King Saul sliding it under the hairline to hold it in place. The long thin piece reaches his right shoulder. Add a drop of glue to the fabric to hold it in place then glue the broach on.




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