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Wanting a King (1 Samuel 8) | Craft


There is something that draws you into pictures that pop and this picture with its 3d crown really does just that. Saul’s head and a crown, both plain enough to let your budding artists go to town. Wanting a King (1 Samuel 8)  | Craft


Wanting a King (1 Samuel 8)  | Craft To make this craft you will need the 1 page template printout, a glue stick and scissors. I’ve also listed coloured pens though any decorative materials would work from crayons, to stamps, to sequins.

A4 paper templates

US letter paper templates


Wanting a King (1 Samuel 8)  | Craft Decorate first, those letters are deliberately empty on the template and the crown could use some jazzing up!
I’ve not decorated just so the pictures are cleaner.

Then cut out the crown and the head by following the dotted line.


Wanting a King (1 Samuel 8)  | Craft Concertina fold the crown along the dotted lines.
TIP – If you are in a rush fold every other line!


Wanting a King (1 Samuel 8)  | Craft Glue the crown into place angling the ends slightly so it curves.
Talk about how he might feel being the first King of Israel?



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