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Little James (Luke 6) | Craft .2


These 12 sides balls are a great way of looking at the whole crowd of Apostles, they are also beautiful hanging from the ceiling!

Little James’ lesson is primarily about being selected, chosen, separated by Christ himself. If you need a ‘key’ to which picture belongs to which character then use this image.
Little James (Luke 6) | Craft .2


Little James (Luke 6) | Craft .2 There are 2 pages to the printout, one has graphical character images of the 12 apostles, the other is just their names in English. Please note, Jude is used not Thaddeus. As well as the printout you will need scissors, glue, string and perhaps something to score lines with.

For printing in Colour PDF of character images and names
For printing with no Colour PDF of character images and names


Little James (Luke 6) | Craft .2 Print your chosen template, I’d suggest you only do one with each child. Cut out all 12 circles, this craft relies on good folds not good cutting but I would suggest doing this in advance for groups with younger children or limited time.


Little James (Luke 6) | Craft .2 Each piece has a whopping 5 folds, if you can pre-score these as it will make it a whole lot easier on constructing. My favourite way to score is with a ruler and a push pin, it’s easy enough to do with kids too! Alternatively just fold along the black lines.


Little James (Luke 6) | Craft .2 All five folds need to be faced up for the ball pictured, while you can do it the other way gluing is much more tricky!


Little James (Luke 6) | Craft .2 Grab 2 circles. Add glue to the back of one flap, and using the points of the pentagon as a guide, glue them together.


Little James (Luke 6) | Craft .2 Add glue to 2 sides of the next piece and glue into place. Keep adding glue to 2 sides working your way round one piece – lets call this piece the center.


Little James (Luke 6) | Craft .2 When you come to the last side of the center piece you’ll need to add glue to 3 sides to form half a ball. Stop here and repeat your steps to make another half ball.


Little James (Luke 6) | Craft .2 If you want to add a piece of string to hang your creation add it now by sticking it onto the inside. Then just stick those 2 ball halves together by adding a little glue to one half and working your way round sticking the other in place.


Little James (Luke 6) | Craft .2 If you have used wet glue leave your creation to dry before hanging it or playing with it.



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