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Martha & Mary (Luke 10) | Craft 2


This was designed to hold the biscuits that the children had decorated, but could be used to hold any little token representing the time the children spend with God.

I would recommend printing the PDF on thin card rather than paper. If you wish you can use a long ribbon to tie the box, leaving room to have a handle for the children to slip round their wrists. The PDF contains 2 pages, one with the graphic printed on and another one which is blank for your own design.
Martha & Mary (Luke 10) | Craft 2

You will need –
1 printout per child. ribbon or string, a hole punch, scissors, colouring pens or pencils
Start by getting the children to colour their boxes. Don’t use anything to decorate that may bleed or make the box wet. There is a space for the child to add their name as well. Once the outside is decorated cut along the thin outside lines.
Fold along the dark black lines – these all go in the same way, so the ink becomes the ridge of the mountain! Take you hole punch and make four holes where the 4 black stars are.
Thread a ribbon through the two holes on the base of the box. That’s the half without any writing on the outside.
Tie the ribbon in a simple knot. This forms a space for you to put in whatever is going to be filling your box.


Tread the same ribbon through the remaining two holes on the top of the box and secure with a knot or bow. It’s really that easy.


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