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Martha & Mary (Luke 10) | Games


The hero in this story is Martha, she is the one who changes because of her encounter with Jesus.

 Martha & Mary (Luke 10) | Games

More important – Print this handout, split up the pictures into 8 individual cards. either make multiple copies or group your children into 8 groups. Give one card to each child or set of children. Ask the child to identify the picture and to think what it may represent. Have each child present their card, describe the pictures and say which is more important and why.

Activity Alternative – if you have decided to make biscuit boxes with the children as their craft, why not start the session being creative. Tell the children you are too busy to teach them because you didn’t get the biscuits decorated. Ask the children to help you finish the biscuits then the lesson can start. Don’t worry if the children don’t believe this is not part of the lesson, leave them wondering why.


Martha says – play a game of “Simon says” using ‘Martha’ in place of Simon. Try and make most of the actions domestic, clean the pots, sweep the floor, polish the steps etc. while this is happening you could have something else taking place in the corner of the room. at the end of the game question the children about the other acivity.

10 seconds – How much can you do in 10 seconds. Give the children tasks to do, appropriate to their age and your space, and see how much they can accomplish 10 seconds. How many star jumps, how many buttons can they count, how many times can they say ‘Hello’…. be silly and creative.

Preparing dinner – split the children into teams for this timed race. Each team gets a saucepan. The children have to take it in turns to make the food and serve it. Set 2 containers as the table and the kitchen, and fill the ‘kitchen’ with objects or water that need to be carried to the table.




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