Martha & Mary (Luke 10) | Craft 3

A more involved paper craft, this little popup card and pull tab craft creates a little scene showing Martha scurrying about as her sister listens to Jesus. Featuring the 12 apostles this card works especially well for groups already familiar with the JWL heroes. This craft is not suitable for the younger children as it involves quite a lot of delicate sticking and cutting. Martha & Mary craft 3


For this craft you will need the PDF printout (2 pages per child), a cover piece of paper, scissors, a glue stick, & a craft knife.

For printing in Colour PDF – two pages
Optional cover, as featured in video. PDF – one page


Start by cutting out the characters and the pull tab, there is a dotted boarder to make this easier. Once they are all cut out set aside for a moment.


Take the background piece and fold it in half along the solid line so the design is on the outside. Work the fold both ways- this is the centre fold.


Using scissors cut the two outermost dotted lines.


Fold the flap you have created, again, working the folds both ways.


Separate the flap so the centre fold is going in a different direction on the flap.


That last fold now becomes the centre fold for the next Flap. Repeat the cutting of the dotted lines, folding and flap creation until you have completed all three flaps. Open up and separate each flap so you have what looks like a mini set of stairs.


Now comes the part with the craft knife. If you would rather not have a craft knife with the children you can do this in advance.

Use the craft knife to remove the two guiding boxes located at the top left and right of the background page.


Also with a craft knife make 2 slits where the red dotted line appears along each doorway.


Take the Martha piece and place Martha in the middle of the clothes line. Now thread the slider through the door and out the guide boxes on each side.


The arrow ends are a little large, they first must be bent to get through the holes and then flatted out.


Glue on the characters starting with the big crowd of apostles at the back – use the squared base to make sure you are in the correct position.


Mary and Jesus go on the second tab with Mary’s skirt sliding inside the card.


Simon the Zealot (the lone apostle) goes the other side of the second tab.


Add the characters with their backs facing you to the final tab and the inside of your card is complete.

Video of card in action on Facebook or youtube

Lastly glue around the outside of your creation and give your popup a jacket. This hides all the workings to look neat, protects the craft and gives your children a blank canvass onto which you can add just a name, or some details about the story, or a picture, or anything really.




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