Miriam’s song – the Red Sea (Exodus 15) | Craft 1


The Red Sea parted, the people passed through, then Miriam took her timbrel and lead the women in a dance and song of joy. Join in Miriam’s dance and music with this simple moving paper craft.


To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, one printout page and a glue stick. To make into a puppet you will also need some sticky tape and a stick or straw. I’d strongly recommend printing on thicker paper.

Choose your template:

For printing in full colour (for those with less time or younger groups) PDF – 1 page
For printing with no colour (for those who like to colour or without colour printing) PDF – 1 page


Cut out the three pieces (if you are adding a stick you will need the extra rectangle too)


Fold the three lines on Miriam’s chest. These folds will go both ways.


Now cut the arm lines to detach them from the body. Make sure they go through the fold.


Folding Miriam in half cut along the straight line by her necklace.


Split the folds so one bends backwards (the side with the timbrel) and the other forwards. It’s worth taking an extra second to make sure these folds are right before continuing.


Both arms have one fold too. The timbrel arm has a mountain fold and the other a valley fold.


Add glue to the back of the sleeve and stick the timbrel arm in place.


Repeat with the other arm.

**You can stop here.**
Hold the head in one hand and the skirt in the other and push and pull gently to see the hands move and the timbrel tapped as she celebrates crossing the red sea.


Fold and glue the guide tab on the back of Miriam slightly to one side.


Insert the skewer, stick or straw through the guide tab and tape onto Miriam’s head.


Hold the stick in one hand and the skirt in the other. Gently move the skirt up and down.

Perhaps you could sing about the people passing through the Red Sea too?




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